A St. Patrick's Day greeting from me to you!

The holiday of my people is tomorrow...and by my people, I don't mean drunken frat boys - I mean the Irish. I'm about as Irish as St. Patty's day...some distant relatives, red hair and freckles, and a certificate testifying to the fact I've kissed the Blarney stone (a thing I'm led to believe Irish people don't do...they favor committing a different act on the stone).

My family celebrated early this year with a green family dinner. My mother likes to make green foods and dye some foods that aren't green (yum?) for St. Patrick's day, and this year's menu included lime Jell-o, pesto pasta, green butter, and mint popcorn (you read that correctly).

In honor of tomorrow's holiday, I made this printable card for you to share. Éire go Brách!