Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. The unseasonably warm weather in Ohio made it difficult to get into the Christmas spirit this year, but I enjoyed time with family and friends and yes...I did enjoy wearing a sleeveless top on Christmas.

I didn't make any New Year's resolutions, so to speak. I'm not big on yearly resolutions - they just don't seem to work for me. I'm a fan of evaluating things throughout the year and trying to make changes when needed, but I've never been fairly successful at saying 'beginning January 1, I will/will not _______.'

Some things are better marked with the milestones of time, however. For example, I've decided that 2016 will be The Year of Big Quilts. Mini quilts are fun to make, an inexpensive way to buy all the fabrics in usable quantities, and can provide a rewarding challenge on a small scale. But how many throw quilts and wall hangings do I really need? Realistically, I don't need that many big quilts, either. But what I do need is a challenge...and to slow down and enjoy the process some instead of racing to the finish line. I've picked several projects for this year that will take some time and commitment. And I can't swear I won't make any minis...I'm just going to try to think big when it comes to quilting.

Another goal I've set for myself that lends itself to a yearly view is to release a coloring page every month in 2016. I love to draw, but coloring is relaxing and is a fun, creative way to play with colors. With the new year laying before me as a blank slate, full of possibility, I'm sharing an adventure-minded coloring page with you this month.

I hope you enjoy this printable PDF of vintage-inspired travel stickers as you consider the adventures that lay in store for you this year!


April has been quite a month for me, hence the radio/blog silence. I unexpectedly (but pleasantly) changed jobs at the beginning of the month, planned and hosted a 1940's themed birthday bash, got engaged (squeal!) at that same party, presented my fabric designs to a local arts group, secured a licensing deal with a children's clothing manufacturer, and was selected as a featured artist for #wildartcolumbus, spawning 5 new pieces for online and gallery exhibition! File this post about my Make Art That Sells assignment under 'better late than never'!

This month's MATS Bootcamp mini assignment was to hand letter the phrase 'The Global Art Gathering'. Without knowing where this assignment would ultimately lead, I dove in headfirst and had a lot of fun.

I used similar iconography to that in my logo/website design, and added color and watercolor texture.

I was pretty happy with where this was headed, but when the assignment came out, I had to switch gears. The assignment was a design that could be used as a poster and a postcard for The Global Art Gathering in Brighton, UK this June. When I needed to draw together reference materials, I turned to my well documented love of vintage travel posters.

I had a blast researching Brighton and the things that make it unique, and am now suffering the side effect of needing to go to there. I started by working on some iconography of landmarks.

I loved the bits and pieces, but they weren't really working for me as a poster. I tried a cityscape next.


While definitely moving in the right direction, I knew it needed something more. After adding watercolor to my drawing, I used the Ferris wheel icon as a backdrop for the city, and I was pleased with the results.

I'll be back soon to share my pieces for #wildartcolumbus. In the meantime, check out Wild Goose Creative on Instagram to see what I (and other Columbus-area artists) have been up to!