Feeling Crabby

I'm currently hard at work on my last assignment for this year's MATS Bootcamp! I can't wait to share it with you, but right now I'm taking a break to share last month's project with you.

I began with the mini assignment to draw crustaceans. As little as I want to be near actual crabs, I had a great time drawing them.

I also drew patterns as part of our mini assignment, and when the final assignment came out I learned why - a set of nautical-themed plates featuring crustaceans and brightly colored patterns.

Now back to work! I'll be back soon with more fun stuff from MATS Bootcamp!

Counting the days

I'm not actually in a rush for this year to be over. I know that once October is done, the Christmas prep starts. I am not a fan...I like to enjoy each day, month, and season in it's turn. But I am looking forward to the new year and my 2015 Just Desserts Tea Towel calendar being useful as well as ornamental.

My proof copy on a linen cotton blend material arrived from Spoonflower this weekend, and it's now hemmed and hung, waiting for 2015 to arrive.

Under the weather

It's a gray day here, and I'm a little under the weather. All things considered, it's a good day to share my new umbrella-themed pattern with you.

This pattern is called Bumbershoots, and was submitted in the weekly design challenge on Spoonflower. You can vote for your favorite umbrella-themed fabric here, or purchase my design on fabric or wall covering in my Spoonflower shop.

Hope you have a sunny day!