Abby Hersey Headshot.JPG

My love of design began with the over-the-top, unquestionably 1980’s rainbow wallpaper in my childhood bedroom. It inspired in me a love of color, pattern, and shape that’s only grown over the years and has driven me to create engaging and inspiring designs of my own. I passionately believe in the power of illustration and design to transform spaces, simplify communications, and build relationships.

For more than 10 years I worked in the printed graphics industry, running a print shop that produced marketing and event collateral, large-scale signage, environmental graphics, and more. As a result I thrive working within tight deadlines, and I bring my technical knowledge of finished products to bear in my design work, ensuring that my designs are print-friendly.

When I’m not in the studio, I’m probably outdoors. My family and I have camped our way across the 48 contiguous states and climbed mountains, hiked canyons, rafted rivers, visited presidential wax museums, and snuck into two ivy league far.

My Promise

By taking a holistic approach to design, I will help you proudly express your values & create connections with those who come in contact with your brand.

My Purpose

To grow relationships & foster connections through engaging & inspiring visual communications.

We should work together if:

  • You're jealous of companies with beautiful visuals & you want yours to be even better
  • You have built a successful business but your visual identity doesn't reflect what your company has grown to be
  • You have a strong brand & you need creative work that understands & expresses what you've worked hard to build
  • You're a manufacturer looking for unique graphics to set your products & packaging apart
  • You need a knowledgeable designer who is efficient & communicative, & you expect a good return on your investment
  • You need a designer who can create truly print-ready files & who has practical, technical experience with all types of printing

We probably aren't a good match if:

  • You just want a logo - quickly & cheaply
  • You want help copying someone else's designs
  • You aren't willing to change, even if a skilled professional can make an excellent case for it
  • You want to use Comic Sans in your business communications